Well, it has taken me a few days to be even able to type these words for this post . . .This past Monday, Jake and I took our precious dog Scooter to the vet to be put to sleep. It was hard and it was only because God enabled me that we did that which seemed to torment us over months and almost years. Scooter had many many medical setbacks and our suspicions were confirmed by our vet.

That morning I took him with me to take Taylor to school like I used to more than a year ago before he had gotten worse. . . then I took him to a nice woodsy part of the nearby park. I let him run “loose” even though he couldn’t really run anymore and the nice breeze and peacefullness reassured me that this would be his last day. If we had waited any longer he would have been even less mobile and less coherent. I held in my arms while Jake stroked his back as the vet administered his calming shot. It was extremely sad for all us. He was a part of my life alone for 15 and half years. He was by my side through the illnesses, loss of my parents, childbirth, marriage, celebrations, and strife. Always by my side and we all loved him dearly. We miss him so much but deep inside we know that we would know matter when he parted.

Thank you to everyone who has had all of us in the prayers. Thank you for those who did voice their sympathies. You really find out those who value you and those who value pets when these things happen. May God bless all of you with pets or those who have already had to go through similar circumstances. . . .

Scooter 12/1999 – 5/2015dad date daughter night 003last scooterjune2014 039


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