My daughter had the privilege of attending a sports summer camp at Crossroads Community Church located at Upperman High School in Baxter, TN.   baxtercrossroads.comI could not believe the enthusiasm, the dedication, and the enormous spirit from these camp leaders.   I have never seen such wonderful works from young adults in my life so I had to write about them.   They come from a ministry called UWSports.  Front (JPEG) This particular group had just come from Florida doing youth camps and had previously been in Oklahoma.   They taught soccer, cheer, tag football, basketball, and a class for little ones.   They use music, sports, and their exciting personalities to make kids take notice, and have a great time!  While they teach them the sport they spread the word of Jesus and exemplify teamwork and positive behavior.   Not to mention they are so comedic and entertaining!   I sat in awe as I watched Landon McGee begin each session by discussing a sport story that taught a valuable lesson before each evening event.  Landon is a young man who behaves as though he has been leading in ministry for 50 years – undeniably remarkable.  He was joined by Alicia Radatz, Erika Isham, Victoria Runestrand, and Kristen Miller.   They led the children in song, motion. teachings, and laughter.   They even took pies in the face just to make camp even more eventful.   Now that’s sacrifice!

My daughter took cheer camp from Alicia Radatz and she was essentially a doll!   She taught them cute little warm up cheers, a Christian cheer, and a little stunt dance routine. During camp they shared with young kids the plan of salvation.  Their constant inspiration and one on one times with their young campers proved to me without any doubt that God had led these awesome individuals to do this great ministry.  If you get a chance, check them out!  Let’s all help in whatever way to keep them doing what they do.

I want to personally thank each and every one of them and for the many more in this ministry.   I also want to thank the Pastor from Crossroads and all of his friendly helpers.   Thank you for giving of yourselves and thank God for you all!


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